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1. Non equilibrium (Xiaopeng Li)

Recently, I got interested in non-equilibrium physics. P. Zoller's Group has a recent paper arXiv:1011.3207 [pdf, other]. They discuss non-equilibrium phase diagram of a driven-dissipative many-body system. The approach they use is the Time-Dependent Gutzwiller approach (generalized to density matrix representation). Because of the nature advantage of studying non-equilibrium physics by cold atom experiments, maybe there will be some big discovery in driven quantum many-body systems. And also a new paper ( arXiv:1011.4943 [pdf, ps, other]) by Thomas Kloss et al posted this week propose a functional renormalization group approach and they claim they can get accurate non-equilibrium time evolution of bosons even for long time. Xiaopeng's feeling is that there will be new direction studying the non-equilibrium physics in cold atom physics. (Your ideas and comments and suggestions are very welcome.)