Wensheng Vincent Liu
Professor of Physics, University of Pittsburgh

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Dept of Physics & Astronomy
University of Pittsburgh 
3941 O'Hara Street Rm 100 Allen
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

location: 223 Allen Hall
Phone:   (412) 624-9023       Fax: (412) 624-9163

wvliu@pitt.edu         (for all emails)
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Publications in condensed matter, nonlinear dynamics  and more.
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Serve in  National Advisory Board, KITPC, Beijing, 2011--
Coordinator of the 2010 KITP "Optical Lattices" Program and
"Ultracold" Conference, Santa Barbara
2007 Outstanding Young Researcher Award from OCPA


  • General interests
  • Selected Projects
    • Exotic superfluidity: breached pairing [News: check out the Phys. Rev. Focus story about the state of matter we proposed/predicted]
    • quasi-1D spin imbalanced Fermi gases: FFLO, thermodynamic Bethe ansatz, spin-charge mixing, novel two-component Luttinger liquid model due to spin polarization. 
    • p-orbital lattice gases: emergent orbital symmetries, exotic px+ipy BEC at finite momentum, antiferro-orbit Mott insulators, time-symmetry breaking, topological semimetal, etc. and possible relevance to ultracold atomic gases [Nature Physics News and Views, Nature Physics letter, Pitt News, Maryland/NIST JQI press release, Nature Comm Articles (2013) and (2014)
    • Correlated electron systems
  • Grants 
    • Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) [03/2012--2015]
    • Army Research Office (ARO) [Condensed Matter Physics/AMO Cold Atom Program, 2007--2010; Addon 2010-11; new 4-year plan award 2011-2015] 
    • DARPA Optical Lattice Emulator Program, 2007--2009 (phase 1)--2012 (phase 2) -- 2014 (addon extension)
    • Charles E Kaufman Foundation of The Pittsburgh Foundation  [New Initiative grant 2013-2015]


  • Physics 2541: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (grad core course, Spring 2012)
  • Physics 1351: Electricity and Magnetism (Fall 2011)
  • Physics 0110: Introduction to Physics 1 (Spring 2010)
  • Physics 0110: Introduction to Physics 1 (Summer 09)
  • Physics 2566: Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics 2 (grad core course, Spring 2009)
  • Physics 2565: Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics 1 (grad core course, Fall 2008)
  • Physics 0110: Introduction to Physics 1 (Spring 08)
  • Past courses
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